Family Planning Methods

Methods to control Human fertility


An women can give birth to 20 to 30 children in her life span, if this happens there will be a rapid increase in the size of the population, which may effect economy and prosperity of the family as well as the Nation.
The Government of India has started programmes for the control of the population growth and proposed to restrict the size of the family of 2 Children by adopting the various methods.

Methods to control fertility are of Two types
(1) To treatment the pregnancy by using drugs.
(2) To prevent pregnancy.

(1) To terminate the pregnancy by using drugs :

This is also called as ABORTION.
It is not very safe to the health of the mother.
This include use of hormonal tablets which prevents ovulation use of spermicidal drugs which kill the sperms.

(2) To prevent pregnancy :#pregnancy #Family Planning Methods

* Second option is to prevent pregnancy which is safe and easy to adopt.
* Using of intra uterine devices which are kept in the uterus and prevent the sperm from reaching the ovum.
* These methods are called ‘CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS’ and are usually adopted by the females.
* Use of condoms and the use of drugs that prevent the formation of spermatozoa can be adopted by males.
Surgical Methods :-
Surgical methods are also in practice in which the fallopian tubes in the females are blocked, blocking of vas deferens in males are also used as contraceptive methods.

In recent years, efforts are being made to develop nasal sprays (which can be sprayed in to the nose) and vaccines to prevent ovulation.

All these methods are safe when used with proper care and under proper supervision.


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